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We offer a sampling service giving you the opportunity to properly evaluate products before you buy them. Product samples are shipped throughout Morocco in less than 48 hours from our specially designed storage areas with full supporting documentation.

The highest standards of regulatory compliance and safety are applied in all of our sampling procedures. Separate storage areas are used for products requiring special climatic or safety conditions. Orders can be received through direct contact with our sales department, or a similar system from a supplier, via our site or by other means.

We can provide samples for all applications quickly and efficiently.

Whatever your needs are, contact our sales department and they will be happy to help you.


All our teams are at your disposal to process your order.


Whatever your quantity requested, our stock meets your needs.


We offer all types of raw materials to meet your needs


Benefit from our service that will allow you a better orientation

How to process the funtion for consulting?

– More than 50 years of experience in the field.
– A strict and meticulous selection of suppliers in order to guarantee the best quality.
– A stock that offers a diversity of raw materials in terms of choice and quantity.
– A computerized traceability system from the expression of the need and beyond the delivery.

What do we prove with our certifications?

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Got a specific question or a special request? Our expertly trained Sales Engineers are ready to help!

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