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Our Values

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TOP Negoce continues to ‘improve and expand its services. Our values guide the way we do business and determine the ways in which we can add value to our customers and partners.


that make all the difference with our competitors. A deepened perception of our markets, a excellent technical expertise in products and their applications and the opportunity to add all this to a commercial know-how and an experience of more than 40 years, allow us today to enhance all our business relationships.

Area of interest

TOP Negoce works every day to serve our selected market sectors

  • – Chemical Industries
  • – Agri-food industries
  • – Paints / Inks / Varnishes
  • – Animal Feed
  • – Textile Industries
  • – Detergents and surfactants
  • – Leather Industries
  • – Water treatment
  • – BTP – Construction
  • – Drilling additives and lubricants
  • – Swimming pools and spas
  • – Mines and smelters
  • – Soluble fertilizer
  • – Pulp and Paper
  • – Galvanizing of metals
  • – Candle
  • – Cosmetics
  • – Rubber and plastic
  • – Pharmaceutical industry

This specialisation enables us to develop the highest quality of advice and service for our customers and partners on a national and international level.


Within TOP Negoce, we encourage flexibility, efficiency, motivation and rapidity to create value for our customers and partners. Our enthusiasm is evident at all levels, from the rapid and strategic development of our company, the significant investment in systems, the expertise of our team and our willingness to adopt new raw materials and innovative technologies.


All our teams are at your disposal to process your order.


Whatever your quantity requested, our stock meets your needs.


We offer all types of raw materials to meet your needs


Benefit from our service that will allow you a better orientation

How to process the funtion for consulting?

– More than 50 years of experience in the field.
– A strict and meticulous selection of suppliers in order to guarantee the best quality.
– A stock that offers a diversity of raw materials in terms of choice and quantity.
– A computerized traceability system from the expression of the need and beyond the delivery.

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