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General terms and conditions of sale

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The goods travel at the risk of the recipient. We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred en route. For any dispute, jurisdiction is given to the Commercial Court of Casablanca. Our sales are for goods approved at departure.

Defects or faults which are discovered after dispatch may only lead to us replacing the goods found to be faulty without any other kind of compensation or labour. Complaints under penalty of foreclosure must reach us within 15 days following the date of receipt of the goods.

Awards :

Unless otherwise agreed. Our prices are given as an indication only. They are calculated on the day of the offer and to be valid; they must necessarily be confirmed by the seller after receipt of the order.

On the other hand, any subsequent variation in the duties and taxes in force will automatically lead to a corresponding variation in prices.

Retention of title  :

The transfer of property of the products sold by TOP NEGOCE S.A.R.L. is deferred until the full payment of the selling price. All taxes included.

In this state, the purchaser shall refrain from selling, renting or pledging them.

He expressly agrees to notify by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to TOP NEGOCE S.A.R.L. any displacement of the material, in another place than the place of delivery.

Rules  :

In the case of a simple account closure, without the establishment of a bill of exchange. The totality of the sums due shall become immediately payable in the event of non-payment of a deposit on the agreed due date and after a formal notice which has remained unsuccessful, to pay within 8 days of its dispatch. In this case, the sums due shall bear interest at the rate of thirteen percent (13%) per year, as from the due dates provided for, either on the invoices or on the statements of account.

In the event of the creation of a bill of exchange for the payment of part or all of the sale price of our goods, and in the absence of the payment of only one of these bills on simple presentation and without protest and eight days after the sending of a formal notice by registered letter without result, the totality of the sums due, on the agreed sale price, will be immediately payable by right.

These amounts will earn interest at the rate of thirteen percent (13%) per annum from the respective maturities of the various outstanding notes.

In addition, the name payment of a bill of exchange relating to any of the granted sales makes all the sums due by the same purchaser on other invoices or goods exigible and authorizes the company TOP NEGOCE S.A.R.L. if good seems to him, to cancel any order in progress.


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